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Third Sunday Forum - January

Third Sunday Forum, January 20, 2019 Please join us in the Hamline Room following the 9 o’ clock worship service for Isaiah: Minnesotans of Faith for Racial and Economic Justice Isaiah Project is a multi-racial, state-wide, nonpartisan coalition of faith communities fighting for racial and economic justice in Minnesota.

Third Sunday Forum, January 20, 2019 Please join us in the Hamline Room following the 9 o’ clock worship service for Isaiah: Minnesotans of Faith for Racial and Economic Justice Isaiah Project is a multi-racial, state-wide, nonpartisan coalition of faith communities fighting for racial and economic justice in Minnesota.

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Food & Essentials Donation Drive

Food Drive.jpg

For local federal employees affected by the government shutdown

Rochester’s Federal Medical Center employs roughly 500 people. All of whom must go to work every day but are unsure of when their next paycheck will come. Let’s rally around these employees and families as a community and help.

Please consider donating:
- Nonperishable food items
- Personal care items
- Baby and toddler food, diapers, wipes, pull ups etc

Saturday, January 12th from 10-1pm

Christ United Methodist Church (400 5th Ave SW) or 125 LIVE (125 Elton Hills Dr NW)

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Advent Organ Recital

Four Sessions of joyful music starting Tuesday, December 4th in our Sanctuary! Come one and All to a marvelous Advent concert as performed by our organist John Varona and accompanied by the accomplished clarinetist David Townsend. This event promises to be a delightful welcome to this Advent season!

Four Sessions of joyful music starting Tuesday, December 4th in our Sanctuary! Come one and All to a marvelous Advent concert as performed by our organist John Varona and accompanied by the accomplished clarinetist David Townsend. This event promises to be a delightful welcome to this Advent season!

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Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service

interfaith service.png

Please join us for a time of an interfaith service of giving thanks together on Thanksgiving Eve Eve (November 20th) at 7:00 PM.

 Persons from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions will gather in an interfaith service of worship to give thanks to our Creator for the abundance of creation.

We'll pray and sing and following worship we will eat pie and share conversation.

 Singers are welcome to join in a mass choir.  Please plan on being at CUMC at 6:00 for a rehearsal.  Music will be provided.

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Third Sunday Forum: Why Does Money Matter?


Third Sunday Forum

November 18, 10:15am – Hamline

Why Does Money Matter?

Video by Lynne Twist

Facilitated by Aileen Williams and Kathy Estry

For more than 40 years, Lynne Twist has been a recognized global visionary committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.

“Listening to Lynne is like soul food! It returns me to my core. Everyday madness melts away, life regains perspective, and I am re-inspired to be more of  who I truly am.”  - BARBARA WEBER, Grameen Foundation USA


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All Church Potluck

All Church Potluck.png

We will be having an all church pot luck on November 11th to commemorate your amazing pledge to “Say Yes” to the ministry of this church. With your gifts we are able to help more people through every aspect of life. In 2019 we are looking forward to having more children in Thrive, utilizing new and exciting ways of connecting with the congregation and beyond, and having a brand new Fourth Street to welcome everybody in! So of course your gifts deserve celebrating! Stew and Carol Swanson are providing Sloppy Joes and we invite you to bring a side, salad, or desert! The fun will take place from 10am - 1pm on Sunday, November 11.


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Trunk or Treat!

Trunk or Treat.png

Trunk or Treat Details!

All are welcome! This is a fun, friendly, and safe place for people of all ages who are looking for a good excuse to wear their Halloween costumes more than once! Prizes for "Most Creative," "Most 2018 Relevant" and "Funniest" decorated trunks. Show up, wear a costume, bring friends (the more friends you bring, the more raffle tickets you get) eat hot dogs and popcorn, and enjoy our outdoor DJ and dance partay!

To Participate:

1. We’d LOVE you to decorate your car! Check out Pinterest or google for images and suggestions by typing in “Trunk or Treat”

2. If you want to park your decorated car in our lot for Trunk or treat, which will be in the WEST lot, please show up between 3:30/3:45, drive into the West parking lot through the South-side entrance (the street in front of the main doors will be blocked) and park as close to the church front doors as you can (in the spots closest to 5th avenue)

3. If you want to just come for the fun, you can park anywhere (preferably spots farther from 5th avenue side) in our parking lot, West or East lot, or on the streets (which are open for parking on Sundays)


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Third Sunday Forum: UMR Heal CORE


Health CORE Serving Underrepresented Students at UMR

Dr. Lori Carell, UMR Chancellor

UMR Health CORE Students

Come and find out about this amazing program!

The mission of the Health CORE (Community of Respect and Empowerment) is to enhance diversity and inclusivity in the UMR student experience through intentional community development and support.  Students who commit to this special program are future health care professionals who are diverse, active, accountable, respectful and empowered.

Health CORE UMR is leading the way in higher education of underrepresented students with great results . . . the incoming class includes 35.7% students of color . . .

nationally only 54.8% of underrepresented students graduate in 6 years, while 90% UMR students earn their degrees in 4 years . . . CORE students commit to living, studying and eating together and commit to community service.  They succeed, and 100% in the BS Health Professions have jobs when they graduate!

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Guatemala Fundraiser Brunch

Guatemala Breakfast.png

One of the staple ministries of this church is several missioners making the trip to Guatemala to provide much needed medical assistance to the people there. As this “Guatemala Adult Mission Experience” draws closer, we hope we can ask your assistance in making this mission trip possible. Not without you getting something in return, of course! The time for the annual Guatemala Fundraiser Brunch is here! (YUM!) The brunch is free-will donation, and all proceeds will go to helping prorate the cost of our missioners going on this trip.

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Creation Care Ecumenical Rally at Christ United Methodist

Creation Care Flyer.png

Creation Care Ecumenical Rally at Christ United Methodist

Saturday, October 13                                                                               8:30am - 2pm

Come and Witness for a Sustaining, Wondrous, Planet Earth.  Come and learn, share, and activate. Invite others from among our United Methodist and ecumenical neighbors to mobilize wise practices for both our personal and corporate lives.

On Saturday, October 13 from 8:30am – 2pm, Hopeful Earth Keepers and Christ UM Church are bringing to southern Minnesota a very special rally and education event.


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tim.jpg

Rev. Dr. Timothy Eberhart, Assistant Professor of Theology and Ecology at Garret-Evangelical Seminary will lead a series of workshop sessions that explore how Christians are called to share in the healing of creation.  Participants will reflect on the spiritual implications of environmental degradation, examine the relevance of Christian beliefs to an ecological perspective, and explore practical ways people of faith are engaged in mission and justice for the good of the earth.


Our goal is this: to encourage everyone to work together as Earth Stewards (or Keepers) toward creating sustainable and gracious life.

We will worship. We will learn. We will cry and laugh and pray for God's Creation. And, we will activate our faith lives into Creation Care.

Workshops may include:  1-  Practical Activism here and now
                                          2-  Farming and Earth Stewardship
                                          3-  Youth and Creation Care
                                          4-  Helpful Worship & other Green Practices                                                                              5-  Our Faith Communities and Solar

Cost is $15 which includes lunch. Students may attend for free.  Please register through Christ United Methodist Church office, phone #507-289-4019 or e-mail

Consider making an additional donation to help scholarship our students.

For Christ UMC and Hopeful Earth Keepers,

Cooper Wiggen                                 Elizabeth Macaulay                                                    Cheryl Nymann                                 Mary Schmidt

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to Oct 13

UMW Rummage Sale

UMW Fall Rummage Sale

The Fall Rummage Sale is scheduled for Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13.    

Check out your kitchens, closets and holiday storage areas for no-longer needed, gently used items and bring to CUMC on Thursday, October 11.  We are looking for notions, knitting and crocheting pattern and kits, crafts and Christmas. 

We need volunteers to help set up on Thursday from 8am – 5pm and clean up on Saturday.  We will have a coffee shop on Friday. Donations of cookies, bars, and muffins are needed and highly appreciated. Please bring donations to the church kitchen on Thursday and mark them "for UMW coffee shop".

Please do not donate TVs, baby/child car seats, large microwaves, or exercise equipment. We have to pay to discard these items if they do not sell. 

The UMW Rummage sale is a very important mission project for our church— proceeds help meet the UMW pledge to missions locally and around the world. The rummage sale also provides low cost clothing to people in our church and community with limited incomes.  We look forward to seeing you and your items on October 11th. 

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to Oct 21

Confirmation Begins!


“Every one, though born of God in an instant, yea and sanctified in an instant, yet undoubtedly grows by slow degrees…”
-John Wesley, 27 June 1760

We invite you to confirm your faith, not “conform” your faith.

We invite you to walk this spiritual path that is both journey and destination. It is as close as the quiet whispers of the heart and as far reaching as every country in the world. We invite you to join us as we challenge ourselves and grow intentionally in relationship with God and church family.

We are starting a new thing, this 2018.

Confirmation is now not just for our 8th-9th grade students, although we still intentionally invite students of this age into the process:

All are welcome to commit to this 2-year journey.
Do you want to ask the tough questions in community? Are you willing to step out and wrestle with the gray areas, the uncertainties, and the answers? Do you want to encounter God in a real, life-giving way? You will not walk away looking like anyone else, or everyone else: you will walk away becoming more deeply YOU, who God created you to be. We are not about cookie-cutter faith here.

Here are the expectations:
• Class attendance: See the schedule sheet at the end. We ask you prayerfully talk with your families, coaches, extra-curricular leaders and teachers about this schedule. They can contact us with questions, too. We ask that you be on time and that you participate in every class. Of course, things happen, once-in-a-lifetime trip opportunities happen, grandparents need visiting out of state. But
we ask you make this commitment your priority for these 6-8 week
increments. We promise you will not regret this season!
• Church attendance 3x a month: Can’t make it one week? No worries, our services are online!! To keep track and keep learning together, we’ll ask for a paragraph written (by hand, typed, texted, emailed, whatever!) of sermon and service notes 3 times a month. You’ll give these to your small group leader the next Wednesday.
• For youth: March confirmation retreat: March 1-2, 2019!
• One “challenge” opportunity per semester (spring/fall): These include any offsite trips (Boundary Waters, ASP, Fall service days, The Event) or internal opportunities (Greeting, ushering, Vacation Bible school service). You’ll check in with your small group leader to confirm participation.
• Family participation: a parent, guardian or mentor is expected to be at confirmation every week.

The night’s schedule looks like this:
5:30 pm: CU Wednesdays dinner (optional)
6:00 pm: Large group music, play and teaching time in the ECC
7:00 pm: Small group time
7:30 pm: Pickup time

Schedule is as follows:
October 3-November 18: Every Wednesday except October 17th (break for MEA)
February 6-April 10: every Wednesday (except March 27: break for Spring Break)
March 1-2: retreat in Minneapolis
May 18: Dinner banquet for confirmation families
May 19: Confirmation Sunday

Any questions?
Call or email the office and talk to pastors Katy and Elizabeth, co-teachers this year!

Revs. Katy and Elizabeth


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