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Dick Estry                                                                                                                                           I came to Rochester from Michigan in 1968, married Kathy (also from Michigan) in 1969 and we joined Christ Church in 1974 at about the time our daughter was born.  I've served on a variety of committees in the church, most recently onFinance and Stewardship as well as on the CUMC Foundation.  Together Kathy and I have participated in Confirmation and ASP, have been involved in Covenant Discipleship Groups and a variety of other classes and activities. I chose to apply to the Leadership Team because CUMC has a wonderful legacy in the institutions it has helped foster in Rochester and a fine reputation for the ministries it continues to lead and support; I would like to do what I can to further these and to help us grow into whatever awaits.


Karla Sukov




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Chris Mueller



Katie Imming  

As a long time member at CUMC, I’ve held different positions throughout the years.  I was most recently on Trustees as Elizabeth, Andrew and Katy all joined CUMC.  It was fulfilling to see the impact they were having on the vitality of CUMC and I wanted to become more involved again.  As the MCCI process began, my interest only heightened and as I joined in on the voting of the initiatives and saw the tremendous response, I knew I wanted to join in. I’ve been a lifelong Methodist.  My parents were always involved in our home church and set a great example for me.  I joined CUMC initially because of the fantastic music program. I stayed because this became home to me.  


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Deb Gross


Bobbi Nichols

I have been a member of Christ Church for many years and I have always enjoyed the fellowship and community we have here. I’m becoming involved with the leadership team because we are ready to move on toward becoming a more outwardly focused church and I want to be a part of making that happen. I’m excited about our mission of helping to interrupt the cycle of poverty for people in our community and the world.  I am also looking forward to the spiritual development that I know will occur for me as I serve on the leadership team. I am a licensed psychologist and recently retired from Bluestem Center. I have a husband, Doug, and two grown daughters, Leah (San Francisco) and Katie (Minneapolis).


Alan Stepanek

My Name is Alan Stepanek.  My family and I have been disciples at CUMC for over 20 years. Most recently I was Chairman of Trustees and an Assistant Scout Master with Troop 21.  During our time at CUMC we have enjoyed the Children’s Ministries and the support of friends and relationships as well as growing spiritually. I became interested in the new ministry team as it is an opportunity  for me to continue to serve our church.  CUMC is an exciting place with a positive energy.  We have embraced our rich history and are moving forward in ways that will make our community a better place.


Dan Zimmer

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Karla Wysocki

My family and I have been involved with CUMC since moving to Rochester in 2008.  I have volunteered with Children's Ministry and most recently, served on Trustees. There are many great things to love about CUMC- there is a rich history as well as tremendous support to explore new ideas, both of which are exciting to me and have led to my interest in the Leadership Team.  The church family is welcoming, and there are many ways for individuals to become involved with the church.  I am the Senior Director, Hospital Systems for the American Cancer Society and live in Rochester with husband Nicholas and boys, Jaden and Shaun.