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Saving Jesus

"We're having a culture war and Jesus happens to be one of the weapons tossed about by both sides." -- Amy-Jill Levine

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Our Lenten Theme is “This Happened”.  Together we will explore what being a follower of Jesus means in the day to day gift of living.  On Wednesday nights (beginning February 21st through March 28th) from 6:00 – 7: 15 we’ll be exploring the “Saving Jesus” series.  Topics will include:


Intro: Jesus Through the Ages 

  1. Who was Jesus? 
  2. What Can We Know About Jesus (and How)? 
  3. The World into Which Jesus Was Born 
  4. Jesus' Birth: Incarnation 
  5. Teachings of Jesus: Wisdom Tradition 
  6. Jesus' Program: The Kingdom of God 
  7. Jesus' Ministry of Compassion 
  8. Who Killed Jesus? 
  9. The Atonement 
  10. The Resurrection of Christ 
  11. Why Jesus Is Worth Saving


Pastor Elizabeth will be leading this time of discussion and exploration.  Come for CU Wednesday dinner and stay for soul food!