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Do you have leadership gifts?

Do you have leadership gifts?


 We’d like to invite you into a leadership role at Christ UMC.

 You first came through the door of the church for a variety of reasons. 

The same is true for all who first enter the church.  

We believe that discipleship is best nurtured in small groups.  

You have the gifts to “hold the space” for a small group of disciples. 

We’ll provide the training and resources. 

We need you to welcome and support others who are seeking to deepen discipleship. 

Would you come to a training time on Saturday, August 19th? 

We will meet from 9:00 AM to noon in the Hamline Room to share the simple methods for facilitating a small group. 

Don’t say “yes” or “no” at this point. 

Come, taste and see the goodness of being a leader in God’s world. 

Please RSVP to Office Manager, Gwen Ravenhorst at  


Blessings to you.


~The Faith --> Life Team
Wailana Barker, Kathy Estry, Marita Heller, Rick Jones, Gary Lueck, Pam Lund, David Mead and Rev. Elizabeth Macaulay