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Third Sunday Forum

Third Sunday Forum

                           During the summer months, the theme for our Third Sunday Forums is “How My Faith Informs My Work”.  In June we heard from members of our church in the field of medicine. This month members will be sharing the impact their faith has had on their work with children, youth, and adults in education.


July 17, 2016    10:15 – 11:00 AM   Hamline Room

“How My Faith Informs My Work” In Education


Rick Jones, Connie Wempner and Dr. Nicholas Wysocki will describe their experiences in the field of education and how faith has informed their relationships with students, parents and co-workers.

Rick Jones is a retired educator after 38 years in public education.

 Connie Wempner has been blessed to work with young people at Sunset Terrace for 30 years; 17 years with fourth graders, 13 years with first graders and is preparing to teach fourth grade again this fall. 

Dr. Nicholas Wysocki is a faculty member in the Education Studies Department at Winona State University and has worked in higher education for over 15 years.