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Meet Bailey

Bailey is a human being spreading love and light! She is always a student on this wild adventure called LIFE, and her favorite areas of study are yoga and Ayurveda. She believes that happiness and peace are cultivated from within, and the connection to self through the body, mind, and spirit is the most important thing a person can have for a fulfilling life! She has an amazing 5-year-old son, who has encouraged her love for working with families and children. She enjoys expressing herself through various forms of visual art, music, and dance. She also takes great pleasure in traveling, camping, and exploring the world from new perspectives. She is a lover of all people from all walks of life, and believes physical, cultural, and religious differences are what make the world beautiful!

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Classes Offered:

Gentle Beginners Yoga

Develop body awareness, learn basic poses, and discover your natural breath. This is a great class for stress relief and rejuvenation. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a gentler, more restorative practice.

What to bring: BRING YOUR OWN MAT, any props such as blankets, pillows/bolsters, and blocks are highly encouraged! THE MORE SUPPORT THE BETTER
Cost: First class FREE, $8 for members $10 for non-members



More classes will be added soon! Stay tuned!