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TRANSFORM is the name of our capital campaign designed to fund needed maintenance and enhancements of our physical space. TRANSFORM is a three-year capital campaign that will commence this fall.  Briefly, the funds generated by THRIVE! will be used for, 1) general updates and renovations of our lower level space to allow us to develop and grow THRIVE!: a family resource and child care program, 2) enhance our worship spaces to better accommodate the needs of our growing church family, and 3) to restore our Good Shepherd window and replace many of our windows with energy efficient windows allowing us to be better stewards of Creation.

In the coming weeks and months, you will be receiving considerable information regarding TRANSFORM through the New Spirit, the church website, emails, and at informational meetings. We invite you to submit questions you may have by email to or by writing them down and placing them in the “TRANSFORM QUESTIONS” box located at the TRANSFORM table in the Commons.


How will we be asked to participate?

Every person who feels a connection to Christ Church will be asked to do three things:

1. Pray daily our campaign prayer: "God, what do you want to do through me?"

2. You will be asked to make a sacrificial gift to the TRANSFORM capital campaign on November 12, 2017. Your gift can be given across a three-year period from January 2018 through December 2020, in whatever manner you choose to distribute the gift (all at once, monthly, weekly, or a schedule that best suits your situation).

3. Also on November 12th, you will be asked to indicate your annual stewardship pledge. We normally have our stewardship pledges made in October, but are combining the process this year with our capital campaign for convenience. (There will be two different commitment cards, one for the 2018 church ministry, and our second for the TRANSFORM capital campaign).


What is the current financial health of the church? How are we doing?

The church is in good financial health.  Through August our revenues have exceeded expenses by $62,715.46 which is $58,268.44 ahead of where we projected we would be at that time.  The church has unrestricted cash assets of over $335,000 and another $793,000 in restricted cash and negotiable securities.  There is a more detailed summary of our position through July in the September New Spirit and complete financial statements are available at the receptionist’s desk.


Will opening THRIVE! jeopardize the financial well-being of Christ UMC?

No, for three reasons.

1) The financial review conducted prior to the Leadership Board recommending approval of THRIVE! indicated that THRIVE! should realize retained earnings of over $100,000 per year by 2020. (This includes an assumption that THRIVE! will pay rent comparable to that received from RASA and while we hope that won't be necessary it does provide a level of conservatism in the analysis and protection for the church.)  THRIVE! will incur start-up costs and operating losses in 2017 through 2019 totaling about $335,000.  The church has $467,000 in two restricted accounts (THRIVE! Start-up and the Makinen bequest) that can be drawn upon to cover these costs.

2) While the church intends to work collaboratively with the THRIVE! Board for the benefit of their clients, THRIVE! will be an independently incorporated 501c3 organization and therefore the church will bear no legal responsibility for any on-going losses or other adverse occurrences associated with THRIVE!  

3) THRIVE! is applying for its own 501c3 status and will be run by its own Board of Directors, thus there will be a legal separation between the church and THRIVE!. A five-year plan has been created which demonstrates that the plan is financially viable. The THRIVE! Board will work collaboratively with CUMC in order to maximize the benefits of this partnership.


When will the director of THRIVE! be hired?

 Interviews are being held at this time.  The director will assist the Board to start strong.


How were priorities discerned for the TRANSFORM Campaign?

By level of need. The church has needed upgrades for some time. Our windows are from the original build (1958) and need to be replaced.  Bathrooms are inadequate on both levels and worship spaces are in need of updating. The building renovations needed to offer a licensed Day Care on the ground floor level will create a building fully outfitted for ministry. All ministry areas, as well as the congregation at large, were asked for their program and building needs.  The Master Facilities Building team in consultation with the Trustees and Leadership Board determined the priority list.  Priority was given projects that assist the church in achieving the prescriptions as put forth in the Missional Church Consultation Initiative Report.


vision pamphlet: 


from here to there timeline:

CLICK HERE to download the "From There to Here- A Timeline" Document


THRIVE! materials:

CLICK HERE to download the THRIVE! Business Plan

CLICK HERE to download the THRIVE! Financial Review

CLICK HERE to download the THRIVE! Options Powerpoint Presentation prepared by Stephen Troutman

CLICK HERE to download the THRIVE! Financial Review Appendix A Spreadsheet

CLICK HERE to download the THRIVE! Financial Review Appendix B Spreadsheet