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thrive! update from the leadership board

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leadership board updates presentations

View the Leadership Board Updates Presentation, given 11.6.16 HERE.

View the Leadership Board Updates Presentation, given 7.31.16 HERE.

facilities feedback form

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leadership board guiding principals

Read the Guiding Principals HERE.

leadership board covenant

Having been called by God to serve on the Leadership Team of Christ United Methodist Church and having chosen to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ in order that the world might be transformed, I make the following covenant with the Body of Christ at Christ UMC and with those on the Leadership Team.


1.      I will live the vows I took upon joining the community at Christ UMC.  I will faithfully support the church with my prayers, my presence, my witness, my service, and my gifts.  I will tithe a portion of my income, moving toward a biblical tithe (10%).

2.      With enthusiasm, I will support the Lead Pastor, Associate Pastors and the church staff.  Any concerns I may have about performance of staff or clergy will be directed to the Lead Pastor.

3.      I will protect the unity of the church by refusing to gossip.  I will understand that the “words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart” (Psalm 19:14) need to be acceptable to God and to those in community.

4.      Should concerns be brought to my attention I will encourage the individual to practice the Rule of Christ as articulated by Jesus in Matthew 18. I will inform people that I will not pass on anonymous complaints, nor will I engage in conversations about staff or situations that should be referred to those directly involved.

a.       The individual with a concern speaks directly with the party involved.

b.      If there is no resolution the individual with a concern asks another person to be present to resolve the issue.

c.       Should the issue still need resolution, the Lead Pastor is consulted and a process put in place for resolution.

5.      I will maintain total confidentiality regarding the content of the Leadership Team discussions unless it is agreed by the Leadership Team and/or Lead Pastor that information may be shared.

6.      I will share my ideas at the Leadership Team table and I will share my concerns and areas of disagreement at the Leadership Team table.  I will trust that God has called me and my gifts and perceptions to this time. 

7.      I will continually pray about and consider who it is Christ UMC is called to invite into discipleship.  I will make decisions bearing in mind the many who do not know Jesus as well as those who are current participants in the life of the church.

8.      As noted in the Guiding Principles for the Church and the Leadership Team, I will hold the Lead Pastor accountable to the mission, vision, and goals of the church.  I understand that the Lead Pastor is needful of my prayers and support even as the Lead Pastor is held accountable.

9.      I will publicly support decisions made by the Leadership Team.

10.  I will faithfully attend worship and the meetings of the Leadership Team.

leadership board meeting minutes